Jamais sans mon psy

A Arnaud LEMORT film

With :

Christian Clavier (Dr Béranger), Baptiste Lecaplain (Damien Leroy), Claire Chust, Cristiana Réali

Storyline :

Dr Béranger is a famous psychoanalyst. Her life would be perfect if it weren’t for one extremely anxious and clingy patient: Damien Leroy. To finally get rid of him, he makes her believe that the only way to heal is to find true love. But just as he is about to celebrate 30 years of marriage, his daughter tells him that she has finally found the man of her life, none other than… Damien. The party turns into a nightmare.

Scenario :

Arnaud Lemort

Production :

Atelier de Production, TF1 Films Production, UGC, Fontana, TF1 Studio

Release date :

Nationality :


Type of movie :

Feature film

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