De force

A Frank HENRY fim

With :

Isabelle Adjani (Superintendent of police Clara Damico), Eric Cantona (Manuel Makarov), Simon Abkarian (Jimi Weiss), Thierry Frémont (Lieutenant Serge Minot), Anne Consigny (Prosecutor Danielle Canetti), Linh-Dan Pham (Ahn), Slimane Dazi (Farid Boujima)

Storyline :

Following a series of unsolved steerings, the authorities decide to give carte blanche to the commander Clara Damico in order to neutralize a gang particularly organized. Its only track: Manuel Makarov, very known figure of the organized crime, currently purging a twelve years of prison sorrow. She promises freedom in return for her collaboration to him. He refuses. Without another solution, she will thus see herself obliged to force it of force. But all becomes complicated when Damico requires of Makarov to intervene with his/her son Cyril, young delinquent on whom it does not control anything…

Scenario :

Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem

Production :

Marilyn Productions, Studio 37, Iris Films, Chaocorp, Backup Media, Canal+ et uFilm avec le soutien du Fonds National de Soutien à la Production Audiovisuelle du Luxembourg et du Tax Shelter du Gouvernement Fédéral Belge

Release date :


Nationality :

France, Belgium, Luxembourg

Type of movie :

Feature film

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