En chantier, monsieur Tanner !

A Stefan LIBERSKI TV movie

With :

Jean-Paul Rouve (Paul Tanner), Annelise Hesme (Linda), Ludovic Berthillot (Pierre Sandre), Julien Courbey (Pedro Kantor)

Storyline :

Monsieur Tanner, is to reporter animalist. He inherits a manor. On the spot, it notes that the masonry is in bad condition and that work had already started. Already seeing itself gaining the estime of his parents, Paul decides to continue the restoration. But vis-a-vis his incapacity to enforce itself, the young man is quickly exceeded…

Scenario :

Gabor Rassov based on the novel by Jean-Paul Dubois

Production :

Chic Films, Saga Film

Release date :


Nationality :

France, Belgium

Type of movie :

Tv movie

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