Erna at war

A Henrik Ruben GENZ film

With :

Trine Dyrholm (Erna), Ari Alexander (Max Petersen), Anders W. Berthelsen, Elias Munk (Julius), Sylvester Byder (Kalle), Anterro Ahonen (Battle Chef)

Storyline :

Erna disguises herself as a man to replace her intellectually disabled son, Kalle, who has been called up to the front. So she’s going to war in his place. In the trenches, she rediscovers love. Soon, an officer enlists Kalle against her mother’s wishes. She will have to protect her life and that of her child.

Scenario :

Henrik Ruben Genz, Bo Hr. Hansen, Erling Jepsen

Production :

Nimbus Film, Entre Chien & Loup, Nafta Film

Release date :


Nationality :

Denmark, Belgium, Estonia

Type of movie :

Feature film

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