J’ai perdu Albert


With :

Stéphane Plaza, Julie Ferrier, Josiane Balasko, Virginie Visconti, Etienne Draber, Philippe du Janerand

Storyline :

Chloé, a young medium sought after by top business leaders, politicians and the jet set, has harboured the spirit of Albert Einstein inside her since childhood. But caught in the trap of her own success, she overdoes it! Overworked, the news just doesn’t get through. So Albert decides to move… For better or for worse, he settles in with Zac, a Cartesian depressive, beekeeper in disarray and barman. Zac and Chloé have become inseparable and complementary, because one has the “genius” and the other the instructions. In 48 hours, these two opposites are about to experience the most amazing “ménage à trois” ever…

Scenario :

Didier Van Cauwelaert

Production :

Angelus Productions

Release date :


Nationality :

France, Belgium

Type of movie :

Feature film

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