Jeux d’enfants

A Yann SAMUELL film

With :

Guillaume Canet (Julien), Marion Cotillard (Sophie), Thibault Verhaeghe (Julien at 8, Joséphine Lebas-Joly (Sophie at 8), Gérard Watkins (The father of Julien), Emmanuelle Grönvold (The mother of Julien), Laëtizia Venezia Tarnowska (Christelle (under the name Laetizia Venezia)

Storyline :

A lifetime to say “I love you”. 80 years to start a love story. And all because of a game. Or perhaps thanks to a game. Sophie and Julien have defined the rules of the game. For the rest of their lives, they are the arbiters and often the victims. “Capable or no capable?” “Capable! Of course! “They’re up for anything: the best and the worst. Flouting all taboos, defying all bans, defying all authorities, laughing, getting hurt. Capable of anything!? except, perhaps, to admit that they love each other.
This game starts with an innocent bet: a bet to forget that Mum is seriously ill, to forget when the whole class calls you a dirty polak. A few bets later, the game became the most beautiful and powerful thing in the lives of the two children.
They play, they love each other? The game, love? L’amour, le jeu : finalement c’est tellement plus simple d’être ami.
And so life passes, but the game remains, more and more intense, like passion. And every time they say “Capable!” back to each other, they say “I love you more than my own life”. “More than my own life?” “Capable!”

Scenario :

Yann Samuell

Production :

Nord-Ouest Productions, StudioCanal, Artémis Productions, France 2 Cinéma, M6 Films, Media Services, Caneo Films

Release date :


Nationality :

France, Belgium

Type of movie :

Feature film

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