Just a question of love

A Christian FAURE TV movie

With :

Cyrille Thouvenin (Laurent), Stéphan Guérin-Tillié (Cédric), Eva Darlan (Emma), Danièle Denie (Jeanne), Idwig Stephane (Pierre), Caroline Veyt (Carole), Laurence César (Martine)

Storyline :

Laurent lives his homosexuality to the full but hides it from his parents, and with good reason: his cousin Marc, who is also gay, has simply been disowned by the family. He died of hepatitis unrelated to his sexuality, but following a trip, although everyone attributed Marc’s death to Aids. All except Laurent, who sees his only family confidant disappear. Afraid of his parents’ judgement about his preference for boys, and of being disowned in turn, Laurent creates a double life for himself, with the help of his best friend, Carole. Shaken and full of doubts, Laurent is demotivated by school and takes refuge in poetry. Only the appearance of a trainee agricultural researcher, Cédric, seems likely to save the day… or change it forever…

Scenario :

Christian Faure, Annick Larboulette

Production :

CNC, Hamster Productions, K2 SA, RTL-TVi

Release date :


Nationality :


Type of movie :

Tv movie

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