La colère du diable


With :

Marie Bunel (Elisabeth), Julien Boisselier (Vincent), Lola Naymark (Sophie), Julien Cottereau (Stéphane), Frédéric Deban (Max), Micheline Hardy (The Scolino grandmother), Leon Dony (The Scolino grandfather)

Storyline :

Sophie is a little girl full of spontaneity, disarming and devoid of hypocrisy. His parents, Vincent and Élisabeth, are crazy about it, and so are his grandparents. However, at school, Sophie seems to be falling behind. She doesn’t know how to calculate, read the exact time, or tie her shoelaces on her own.
Élisabeth begins to wonder about her daughter but Vincent appreciates her differences.
Why should all children at eight years old run at the same speed, speak the same way and be good at arithmetic? Sophie never concentrates for very long. And after ? Are others like her capable of remembering a song heard only once on the radio?
The doctors who examined him found nothing abnormal other than a strange weakness in his wrists and ankles.
At 16, Sophie is a superb young teenager who the boys look up to.
But, internally, he still lacks something fundamental for living in society: abstraction. For her, 10 euros or 100 euros is the same…

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Nationality :

France, Belgium

Type of movie :

Tv movie

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