La couleur des mots

A Philippe BLASBAND TV movie

With :

Aylin Yay (Marie), Mathilde Larivière (Marie enfant), Serge Demoulin (Charles), Benoît Verhaert (Jérôme), Martine Willequet (Danielle), Serge Larivière (Le patron), Laurent Capelluto (The blind man)

Storyline :

This is the story of Marie, a young woman with dysphasia. She feels that her language, French, is a totally foreign language. So she remains stranded on the side of the communication highways. In the course of her encounters, we come to understand the extent to which this defective language creates a gulf between her and the world that is difficult to bridge. Because beyond her abnormality, a wound felt since childhood, other obstacles threaten to isolate her even further: her own child, of whom she is deprived, unemployment, alcohol, of which she abuses herself, and, lurking behind her aggression, pride and refusal of pity, an immense thirst for love. The Colour of Words tells the story of twenty-four hours in Marie’s life.

Scenario :

Philippe Blasband

Production :

A Climax Films

Release date :


Nationality :


Type of movie :

Tv movie

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