Les Conquérants

A Xabi MOLIA film

With :

Mathieu Demy (Noé), Denis Podalydès (Galaad), Christian Crahay (Del Sarto), Michel Dubois (M. Van der Eecken), Julie Kapour (Mme Van der Eecken), Michel Molia (Michel, Xabi Molia (Hector)

Storyline :

Galaad et Noé meet at their father’s funeral.. Half-brothers, they have little in common other than a collection of personal failures. Convinced that the evil eye has been pursuing them ever since their father stole a sacred relic, Galaad convinces Noé to take action. Improvising themselves as adventurers, the two men set off in search of the stolen object and the luck that is running away from them.

Scenario :

Xabi Molia

Production :

Moteur S’il Vous Plaît, Iota Production

Release date :


Nationality :

France, Belgium

Type of movie :

Feature film

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