Les portes de la gloire

A Christian MERRET-PALMAIR film

With :

Benoît Poelvoorde (Régis Demanet), Etienne Chicot (Patrick Sergent), Michel Duchaussoy (Balzac), Yvon Back (Michel Moineau), Julien Boisselier (Jérôme Le Tallec), Jean-Luc Bideau (Paul Beaumont), Marianne Merlo

Storyline :

Régis Demanet is a salesman at Pégase, a small door-to-door sales company in northern France. Jérôme Le Tallec, the boss’s future son-in-law, joins his tyrannical squad of eccentric sales reps. The new arrival tries to fit in and becomes a witness to the unorthodox methods of these door-to-door mercenaries. Along with other travelling salesmen, Balzac, Patrick Sergent and Michel Moineau, Jérôme travels the roads of France, visiting suburban neighbourhoods to persuade the gullible to buy five volumes of Ralph Spiegel’s fanciful encyclopaedia, written by a visionary and idealistic pacifist. Régis sees Jérôme’s arrival as an opportunity to fulfil his personal ambitions within Pegasus. In his quest for power, he is guided by his mentor, the emblematic Colonel Nicholson, the martial officer of Bridge on the River Kwai.

Scenario :

Pascal Lebrun, Christian Merret-Palmair and Benoît Poelvoorde

Production :

Artémis Productions, Bac Films, Christian Merret-Palmair, Entropie Films, M6 Films, Noé Productions, TPS Cinéma

Release date :


Nationality :


Type of movie :

Feature film

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