La femme de Gilles

A Frédéric FONTEYNE film

With :

Emmanuelle Devos (Elisa), Clovis Cornillac (Gilles), Laura Smet (Victorine), Alice Verlinden (The twins), Chloé Verlinden (The twins), Colette Emmanuelle (The mother of Élisa), Gil Lagay (The father of Élisa)

Storyline :

Set in the working class environment of the 1930s, Elisa is Gilles’s wife. He works in the blast furnaces, sometimes during the day, sometimes at night. Elisa looks after the children and the house, and lives each day waiting for Gilles to return. Victorine, Elisa’s sister, often comes to visit her to play with the children and lend a hand.
Elisa is expecting a child. Strange ideas are running through his head. Gilles and Victorine, Victorine and Gilles… But no, those are strange ideas. And then one day, a feeling, a certainty, comes over us, unbearable: something is happening between these two individuals.
A strange inner battle begins, one of courage, self-sacrifice and silence.
To recover what has been lost. To become Gilles’s wife again.

Scenario :

Philippe Blasband, Madeleine Bourdouxhe, Frédéric Fonteyne and Marion Hänsel

Production :

Artémis Productions, Liaison Cinématographique, Samsa Film, Eyescreen S.r.l., Nord-Ouest Productions, Fama Film AG, RTBF

Release date :


Nationality :

Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Italy, Switzerland

Type of movie :

Feature film

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