Love, Romance & Chocolate

A Jonathan Wright TV movie

With :

Floriane Bibauw (Petra), Brittany Bristow (Marie Gruben), Lacey Chabert (Emma), Filip Hellemans (Guest), Will Kemp (Luc), Loriane C Klupsch (Princess Annabelle)

Storyline :

Emma Colvin, an accountant in New York, is heartbroken when her boyfriend leaves her before their romantic Valentine’s Day getaway. Convinced by someone close to her to go on a trip on her own, Emma flies to Belgium. While there, she met the famous chocolatier Luc Simon.

Scenario :

Rebecca Schechter

Production :

Hallmark Channel, Crafted Films

Release date :


Nationality :

Belgium, Canada, USA

Type of movie :

Tv movie

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