Madame Edouard

A Nadine MONFILS film

With :

Michel Blanc (The chief police, Léon), Didier Bourdon (Irma), Olivier Broche (Bornéo), ulie-Anne Roth (Marie), Josiane Balasko (Nina Tchitchi), Jean-Yves Thual (Le Pin’s), Rufus (Valdès)

Storyline :

In Brussels, the bodies of young women are discovered buried behind the graves of paint collectors. Each of them is missing her right forearm. Inspector Léon, a keen knitter, soon suspects Madame Edouard, a transvestite who works in the local bistro, of being behind the murders.

Scenario :

Patrick Ligardes, Nadine Monfils

Production :

Noé Productions, Artémis, Samsa Film, France Télévision

Release date :


Nationality :

France, Belgium, Luxemburg

Type of movie :

Feature film

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