Petites misères

A Philippe BOON and Laurent BRANDENBOURGER film

With :

Albert Dupontel (Jean), Marie Trintignant (Nicole), Serge Larivière (Georges), Bouli Lanners (Eddy), Sjarel Branckaerts (Roger), Raymond Avenière (Victor), Nicole Valberg (Mireille)

Storyline :

Jean V., a forty-year-old bailiff, carries out his job with talent but without showing humanity. He is married to Nicole, 35 years old and a consumer in crisis.
Jean regularly uses the services of George, a chronic debtor and folkloric character, who helps him in his “little schemes”.
Incidentally, George makes Nicole want to buy again. One day, Jean meets Eddy, a police officer who accompanies him during his seizure tour. But a difference opposes them and will take on disproportionate dimensions. Pushed to the limit, Jean decides to set up a dark scheme with George to teach the cop a lesson.

Scenario :

Philippe Boon, Laurent Brandenbourger

Production :

ADR Productions, Artémis Productions, Samsa Films

Release date :


Nationality :

France, Belgium, Luxemburg

Type of movie :

Feature film

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