Pourquoi se marier le jour de la fin du monde ?

A Harry CLEVEN film

With :

Elina Löwensohn (Juliette), Pascal Greggory (Guido), Jean-Henri Compère (Gaspard), Philippe Martin (Paps), Frédéric Bodson, Marie-Luce Bonfanti, Yves Bourgeois

Storyline :

You would think she was dead, her very white face turned upside down under the moon… Her name is Juliette…
She was running with all her strength to escape Guido, resurgent from the past, when a car hit her violently…
In the ambulance that takes her to the hospital, Juliette meets Gaspard. She clings to the paramedic like a lifeline. But Juliette is afraid that the nightmare will start again… afraid that Guido will want to protect her again… suffocate her… She doesn’t want to anymore. She wants to live. She wants to breathe…
To escape Guido’s madness, Juliette then dangerously drags Gaspard, fascinated, into a story too big for him…

Scenario :

Harry Cleven

Production :

Artémis Productions, Samsa Film

Release date :


Nationality :

Belgium Luxemburg

Type of movie :

Feature film

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