Un honnête commerçant

A Philippe BLASBAND film

With :

Benoît Verhaert (Hubert Verkamen), Philippe Noiret (Mr. Louis Chevalier), Yolande Moreau (Inspector Chantal Bex), Frédéric Bodson (Inspecteur Jean Denoote), Serge Larivière (Inspecteur Patrice Mercier), Patrick Hastert (Raoul), Jean-Michel Vovk (the bald killer)

Storyline :

The police question Hubert Verkamen, suspected of having killed an entire family. He may present himself as an honest businessman, but the cops know full well that he is nothing more than a dangerous drug dealer.
Having never succeeded in catching him, they are delighted to finally have the opportunity to arrest him, and try everything they can to get him to talk, to wear him down. But nothing works, and the manipulation is not where they expected it to be.

Scenario :

Philippe Blasband

Production :

Artémis Productions

Release date :


Nationality :

Belgium Luxemburg

Type of movie :

Feature film

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